Simple Ways to ROCK a red lip

We all love to rock a red lip everyday, but some of us may think its lots of work to keep it rocking thought out the whole day. I use to be afraid of wearing a red lipstick not just because its a lot of work to keep it from smearing all over the place but also a bit too glamorous or heavy makeup looking during daytime. Applying red lipstick day or night could take up a lot of time. I have 2 makeup looks that goes well red lips and it doesn't take at least an hour to perfect. They are both simple and easy ways to rock that red lip!
Look #1: This is a fastest and simplest way to wear a red lip during the day time, also works for night too. Try not to over powder the skin, if you have dry skin, use something a bit glowing then just powder the T-zone, if you have more oily skin, just lightly powder the whole face. Just try to keep the face looking clean and fresh. Brow is the thing that frames the face, remember to keep it natural. Keeping the eyes clean will finish the whole look. I just use mascara daily, you could also add a bit of eyeliner close to the lash line. Finally, just go in straight with the lipstick bullet or you can lightly line the whole lip first. Blend out the edge a bit so it looks natural but be careful NOT to smear it. The whole point is keeping it fresh and clean. This look should feel comfortable, so you don't have to worry touch up here and there. Any red lip or bright color will suit this look really well and more importantly it take around 15 minutes at most.
Look #2: This is more of a night look for me, but it also works during the day. You don't have to redo the makeup just add a gold/bronze all over the lid shade and a thin eyeliner. Just adding a one lid shade will not take the focus off the lips. A highlighter and bronzer with add structure to glam it up a bit, but don't go over-board or else it will take the shine away from the lips. While wearing a red lip, i prefer hardly wearing any or no blush at all. The whole look would probably take around 30 minutes, but refreshing Look #1 and just adding the eyeshadow, highlighters and bronzer would just take around 5 minutes. This look would also fit any red or bright colors and even just a nude color. It is a simple yet glam-classic look. 

I usually prefer simple yet glam makeup looks, something that is comfortable to wear and i don't have to worry about touching up every hour. These looks doesn't take too much time but still looking gorgeous. Hope you enjoy reading and learn a few tips. There will be a future post about my red lipstick collection, so stay tune. 

Just feel confident and rock that red lipstick!