What's New: Lancome Juicy Shaker

301 Meli Melon, 142 Freedom of Peach, 400 Mint to be

142 Freedom of Peach, 301 Meli Melon, 400 Mint to be
142 freedom of peach, 301 meli melon, 400 mint to be
The Lancome Juicy Shakers are finally out for sale. I have been waiting to get my paws on these ever since they pop up from youtuber and beauty blogger reviews. (especially from Tati's video) I saw that it was already for sale on the Lancome website, i control myself and only 3 out of the 20 shades in total. They have soft cushion applicator that feels so comfortable on the lips. The shakers have 2 phases, 1st transparent oil for a comfortable non-sticky shine and 2nd shot of color. You SHAKE to mix just like a cocktail. The 3 shades i got are:
142 Freedom of peach: clean natural peach apricot color. such a cute color for everyday.
301 Meli Melon: a JUST natural plain pink color that would fit everyone.
400 Mint to be: one of a kind lip color. It adds a hint of blue to every lip color that will make your teeth look whiter and more vibrant. There is also a bit of minty and refreshing feel on the lips. (perfect for date nights *wink *wink)

These lip oils are so moisture and NON-sticky on the lips. They are just PERFECT for everyday and the bottle is just the cutest! The colors are quite light, so if you may want to try it out on your lips before purchasing. I am definitely going to get more colors when i pass by a Lancome counter.

You should really get your paws on these right away!