Summer is coming and we all need some new lippys in our life. I found this new gem during my peeking around the Sephora website a little while before their spring VIB Rouge sale. Its a new Dior lip gloss line with their signature classic simple, sleek and chic package, which makes it so fancy and beautiful. The color range is not wide, but it does have a few very nice colors. I only limited myself and bought only 2 shades, one is more of an everyday shade and another is more bright and eye-catchy. The selling point is "long wearing, couture lip balm gloss enriched with a blend of three lip care oils." I think that its really like a gloss-balm type of a gloss that its great for everyday wear. 


This is the color #766 Rose Harpers, a more of a bright pink/rose type of a shade. I keep my face and eye makeup really simple for everyday, so this color is perfect for me when i want a bit of pop. It is a gloss that you need to touch up through out the day (like when you eat and drink). This color really does brighten my face overall. The brighter shades have enough color to just wear alone or you could layer it on top of a lip pencil or lipstick. It is NOT sticky on the lips, because the applicator dispenses just the amount of product.


This is the color #263 Swan, a everyday pinky-nude type of shade. This is a shade for everyday and when you are wearing a smoky eye and you want something simple on the lips. I am not a nude/creamy pink lippy type of a person, but this pinky-nude shade give just enough of both that doesn't look weird of my lips. Because its a gloss-balm type, your natural lip color will peek through. So depending on your own lip color, this shade is not that wearable for everyone. Since this gloss is not that heavy or sticky, you could wear it on top of a lip liner or lip stick and it would look great.

Overall, this new lip gloss line is pretty amazing for my taste. There are a total of 12 shades in this line with wearable and bright shades. I will try more shades in the future, but i do have a over-load amount of lip product.

Are you gonna try it out the next time you are near a dior counter?



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